The Chick Chat Podcast

The Chick Chat Podcast is a lifestyle driven podcast from the minds and mouths of Danielle Goguen and Sarah Murray. No topic is off-limits but they are inspired by pop culture, celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty, career advice, love, relationships, food and more!

Each week the chicks will come together for a hilarious banter inspired by their millennial perspective on the world.

The chicks strive to inspire other women, create laughter, and to voice their opinions on the world around them. Guests will join the chicks and help them answer life’s burning questions and share their own unapologetic stories about stumbling through millennialism.

Danielle Goguen

Is a social media and marketing chick with a quick wit and always has a quirky response. Danielle speaks boldly and will never hold back on saying it like it is. She can be found on her phone, tagging her chicks in funny memes, rewatching old vine videos, lurking social media and giving side eye to all that come near. @danielle_goguen

Sarah Murray

Don't let the RBF fool you, Sarah is a down to earth chick, with a sprinkle of sass. Often found making things awkward and laughing at memes by herself. She’s a lover of music, reality TV and all things entertainment. PS. Sorry about the obnoxious laugh. @Saaamurray